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This is a very popular topic! While James is very generous with what he allows his artwork used for, his usage guidelines must be followed exactly. If you have seen James' art being mis-used, please inform us at Unauthorized reproduction of James' art is not tolerated. We investigate and pursue all allegations and all situations of Copyright Infringement to the fullest extent the law allows.

Attention those who seek permission!

Please DO NOT e-mail us with your request, unless you seek to license James' artwork for profit. Those of you seeking to use James' art for free graphics (web sets, web page decoration, e-cards, sig tags, avatars, etc.) will find all the answers to your questions below. We simply do not have time to read and answer all e-mails on this topic. While we appreciate the gesture, it clogs up our inbox! Please see below for our usage instructions...

Our Art CAN Be Used For

Display on the web sites of our retailers.

Our authorized retailers who have purchased our products through our licensed wholesalers and can show proof of this, may post our images and text on their own web sites for the sale of our products. They may not alter the images or use them as their logo, etc. without written permission from us. Authorized retailers need not link back to us when using our images to sell our products. This is the only scenario that a link back to us is not required. NOTE: We reserve the right to revoke this permission of usage when we feel James' art is being misused, misrepresented or posted on a web site of an unprofessional nature at any time without notice.

Sharing our art with your visitors on your web page.

We welcome fans of James' art to post his artwork on their non- profit web sites if they comply with our usage rules which are listed here:

1) Supply a written credit to James as the artist on each page that an image is used... Artwork ? James Browne.

2) Provide a clickable link below the name credit to James that directly links to us at: (Note! A link on your separate links page only is not sufficient). Although a text link back to us is fine, please feel free to help yourself to our free linking banners here: Link To Us.

3) The images must not be distorted or severely cropped. A slight bit of change is okay, for example, feathering the edges, etc. Please respect James' art and try to show it as he originally intended it to look.

For use as a permanent tattoo.

We do allow you to have an image tattooed on your skin permanently. However, we ask for two things in order to allow this:

1) You purchase a print of the image you plan to have done. (this lets you own a print of the image you like well enough to make a permanent part of your body, and lets James be compensated for the image that he rightfully owns and has been kind enough to let you use.)

2) You must tell the tattoo artist to destroy or discard the design when finished. We do not want them to begin selling James' designs.

For use as desktop wallpaper, or printing out our web images.

While we cannot stop you from printing out the images we post on-line, please note that they are 'web-ready' and have been saved at extremely low resolutions, and therefore will not print well. We encourage you to purchase your favorite print instead...we assure you that our prints are vibrant, highly detailed and look 100% more exciting in person that what is posted on the web.  If you like one of James' pieces enough to save it to your desktop - we can live with that, as long as you refer interested people to his web site if they ask who the artist is.

Web graphics, Web sets, Signature Tags & Stationery.

This is a popular category! James has been kind enough to allow the use of his art as web graphics that are non-profit and just for fun. But... there are several guidelines you must comply with to continue to use his artwork for these purposes. We always require a link back to us and a name credit similar to the following...

Artwork ? James Browne

Web Graphics: For Dollz, Globes, Awards, and other graphics, we require a link and name credit to us under EACH creation EVERY time it is posted on-line. If you are allowing people to take these to use in other places, you must spell out to them that they must do this as well.

Web Sets: Non-commercial web sets ONLY. Each set must have our link and name credit visible on the first or 'home' page. We do not allow you to charge IN ANY WAY for sets made with James' art. Sites that are commercial in nature cannot use free web sets. They must instead purchase a set from:

Tubing: Unfortunately, we must ask that you not tube James' art. Unfortunately, tubing encourages the possibility of wide spread distribution without copyright credit, as well as severe distortion of James' images.

Signature Tags/Avatars: We do allow our artwork to be used for this purpose IF James has a name credit written on the actual signature as well as a clickable link underneath it. Each and every time that signature or avatar is posted somewhere, it MUST have the name credit and link visible. If you cannot guarantee this, then you cannot distribute the tags or avatars. You cannot make a profit in any way for these items. The only company with that permission is:

Stationery: You can use our artwork for the creation of non-profit stationery if you provide the name credit and clickable link within the body of the stationery so that anyone sending or receiving it will be able to see that James is the original artist and will be able to visit his web site by way of the link.

FINAL NOTE: Many artists are not as generous as James is about the usage of his artwork. If you cannot comply with any of the usage policies listed above, then don't use his artwork. As of right now, he has agreed to continue letting graphic artists use his work for these 'just for fun' projects, but if there continues to be violations, they will end up ruining it for everyone!

Our Art CANNOT Be Used For

For-Profit Usage, Logos, Etc.

James' art may NOT be used for any for-profit ventures or for use on any commercial web sites without a contract which has been approved and signed by James and his representative. Companies wishing to use one of James' images as a logo must contact us with the nature of their company. Please note, we do require a usage fee in order to allow the use of an image for the purposes of a logo, letterhead, business cards, ads, etc.

Usage On Commercial, For-Sale Products

Anyone wishing to use James' art on a product they plan to sell must contact us with the details of their proposed project at At that time we will review the project and decide if it is something we want to be a part of. If so, we will respond with a proposed contract and royalty rate. You may not use James' art on any commercial products or for-sale items unless you have a written and signed contract along with an agreed-upon royalty rate! We reserve the right to either accept or reject licensing offers at our sole discretion. For a complete and up to date list of licensed James Browne products, refer to our Licensing page, which includes links to separate sites.

Artwork and text James Browne - all rights reserved
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